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Just imagine a wonderful healer who has the power to eliminate gradually everything that congests your cells, that impedes the proper functioning of your organs, that slows down the blood circulation in your arteries. Imagine that freedom, that lightness...

Imagine he has the power to soothe your nerves, to relax your muscles, to strengthen your vertebrae and to massage deeply your back and your shoulders extremely gently, confidently and benevolently.

Imagine that for you, his hands and his voice are healing hands and a soothing voice.

Imagine further that this healer has the power to pierce the secrets of the aura surrounding you and that he can illuminate your aura by softly withdrawing all limitations, fears, blocks, worries, conflicts, problems that have been stored away since adolescence, childhood, birth and even beyond, since the evolutions and experiences of previous lives.

Imagine the absence of fear, of negativity, the return of confidence and the sense of absolute security which arises from an intimate relationship, a confidential complicity with nature and the qualities of the true self.

Imagine that this healer fills you with light and joy and that this light brightens your thoughts and makes each of your cells smile.

Imagine further that he extends an invitation to you and gives you the power to propel yourself, to project yourself in space with your astral body, on the wings of your own creative visualization, as far as the most beautiful gardens of the universe, as far as the crystal spheres where our cousins of the stars reside, who with us shape net- works of clarity and who visit us periodically on their galactic space- crafts, propelled by the winds of unconditional love for the greatest pleasure of all creation.

Imagine total relief, complete self-liberation from all negative tensions which make us doubt beauty and life's eternity.

Imagine that freedom from these tensions has not only the power to heal you, but that it also holds the power to awaken in you some- thing absolute, something immortal.

Imagine, lastly, that this extraordinary magician really exists and introduces himself to you through the simple form of musical energies from a higher realm, with the objective of soothing, healing and raising the whole of humanity to an existence marked by eternity. consciousness and genuine well-being.

It is precisely in an attempt to heal these wounds that this new era's composers have the mission of developing a type of music likely to heal the wounds caused by the plague of modern times: noise. More than a simply relaxing music, it is in sound itself that these new composers set out on their search for a music of transformation. To transform anxiety into tranquility, fear and anguish into a sense of plenitude and trust, inert obscurity into vivid light, pain into serenity: such is the fundamental intention injected into their creations. The source of inspiration and choice of sounds therefore place the listener in an exceptional atmosphere, profoundly different from all he has known before, where the feeling of completeness is not artificially imposed on the mind, but quite to the contrary, where it is an ever-present energy that has been there for a very long time, which has always been there, which he can find again effortlessly as long as this positive energy comes not from the outside, but from his inner self.

Source: The Secret Music of the Soul – Patrick Bernhard

ISBN: 2980196614


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