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Legend: The Story behind the Name:

Red Star Bootes

There is only one language, the language of the heart. Through the years J.P. Rama composed several heart touching songs. Even at a very young age he showed lots of interest in the wellbeing of every living being. His engagement in helping others made him the first one to volunteer in 1960. He left for Africa to defend his fellowmen in this humanitarian mission and for which he was honored with a medal. In time he travelled from Belgium to India devoted to Sai Baba where until this date he works in a school as a voluntary music teacher guiding young minds.

Together with family and friends this engagement is shown through a lot of projects which support people in their way of living to be self-sustaining. Building and improving living and working conditions, supporting hygienic habits, giving educational advise in a heart loving connection, encouraging knowledge expansion through computers, laptops, learning materials, etc., … .
All this work has a spiritual radiation which is also felt in the music, building a bridge between east and west, and since a long time supported by our family and friends.

We felt the urge to make this inspirational music accessible for everyone to benefit from it. Very soon the question arose to find a suitable name under which we could spread these beautiful sounds coming right out of the universe and touching everyone’s heart and soul!
Soon after, the composer envisioned a ‘red star’. Do we call it coincidence when we read in the morning paper that the previous night the Red Star Arcturus was at its brightest?  This star, which is situated on the left knee of the Constellation Boötes, was at that moment at its closest to earth. What an unexpected turn of events and … no it was no coincidence!

When we looked for information about this big red star, we realized that there are so many similarities in the music composed by J.P. Rama, especially in terms of balancing the body, soothing the soul and uplifting the spirit. Arcturus has always been of great service to mankind. It has literally shown the way in navigation since antiquity. No wonder that since ancient times many cultures have seen the red star as their guide and protector.

Therefore we find the name Red Star Bootes most appropriate.
And the story doesn’t end here… All pieces of the puzzle fell in place when an old family picture reminded how mid 1940’s a flourishing family shoe business existed as ‘Red Star Boots’!

The name Red Star Bootes was born!

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