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What people have experienced 

“This is verily music that does not ask for any attention” – K.S.

“Such beautiful music! You do not need to think” – I.M.

“This music is great. I can listen to it for hours on end. Beautiful!” – H.V.D.V.


“It is relaxing music that does not give any disturbance when you play it in the background. It is definitely useful to us nowadays” – D.G.

“This music makes me totally zen inside. If I had known it was playing, I would have come sooner” – N.L.


“Such comforting and relaxing music! It could be played in a wellness center, during a massage for example” – Hospital personnel

“It sounds so nice that I want to stay here much longer” – Nurse

“Merci pour la musique d’amour" – Hospital patient


“Thank you for the CD. I cannot explain it but it brought me inner peace and after listening to it I soon started to feel better” – L.R.

“This music always triggers something special. It brings me into the right flow, it makes me peaceful and humble and yet very clear in my mind at the same time” – M.

“If you put on this music while working, you are able to find joy in what you are doing” – L.G.

“Remarkable how I saw the face of a little girl, who was crying, light up when the music was turned on. She started dancing to it too!” – A.H.

“Listening to this music improves the concentration on my work, whereas other music tends to draw my attention away from what I am doing” – A.H.

“The first few minutes of the day are started with this music in the classroom. It clearly stimulates a positive working environment and team spirit” – N.V.R.

“While cooking, this music brings inner tranquility and adds inspiration to every recipe” – N.V.R.


“It was wonderful to see a bunch of seven year old boys integrate the music into their game. They were moving to the sounds of the melody while playing tag” – P.G.


“Whatever I am engaged in, this music helps me to stay focused" – P.G.


“Without words this music tells stories that my soul recognizes. In it’s variety of expression and genres, it always succeeds to strike the right chord that I need at that very moment” – M.D.

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